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100 Seconds to Midnight

Just in case you missed it last month, the Doomsday clock was set to its highest level of threat ever since its inception in 1947 – it is now 100 seconds to Midnight.

For those of you who don’t know the significance of this the Doomsday clock is used to measure how close the human race is to Armageddon, the apocalypse, or the literal end of days by its own hand. This was initially mostly specific to nuclear holocaust due to the nature of the political environment of post-world war 2 earth and the nuclear arms race but also includes any man-made extinction level event including climate change. Who decides what time it is? That would be members of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists – a non-profit organisation dedicated to issues coming from global security issues and also unchecked scientific advances that could have a negative effect on mankind. In short – they are as diligent as they are smart and they currently feel that mankind is at the worst level of peril because of mankind itself – ever.

There are tensions on a global scale between various countries and nuclear powers not to mention the looming threat of Earth hitting an irreversible tipping point of catastrophic climate change that it will never recover from, plus there is a damn plastic island the size of the surface area of Western Europe and 10 metres deep sitting in the pacific ocean – pretty sobering right? If you are reading this while sat on the toilet at work I am sorry for ruining your shit break – but this concerns all of us.

“But Joe, you are all about the fitness – what does this have to do with that?” – Well, I will tell you. The human race is not just threatening to destroy itself with ICBMs or a runaway greenhouse effect, but through other means as well – an almost exponentially increasing obesity epidemic, work and home environments that literally deform the human body thanks to prolonged sitting, metabolic abnormalities from lack of activity, and toxins we bombard our body with on a daily basis.

We eat too much, drink too much, smoke too much, stress too much, sleep too little, are chronically dehydrated, move to little, are overfed and undernourished, and think too damn little. If this sounds like a sweeping generalization – then good, because this applies to the majority of people in this country and the western world as a whole.

Now armed with this information are you surprised the NHS is listing like a sinking ship under the collective weight of the issues caused by this status quo?

The fact a big chunk of the human race seems to have trouble just looking after itself should ring alarm bells because if we cannot even keep the glorious feat of nature that is the human body in good working order then how can we look after each other? And how can we look after the planet? The change starts with you and can spiral out from there – here’s how.

Your own personal doomsday clock is ticking – right now. Nothing can stop it, and there is no bulletin of atomic scientists to reverse it to give you more time or lower the threats – this is down to you. When you hit your 30s everything changes. You start to lose muscle and it becomes harder to build it because of increasing Sarcopenia, your bones start to get more fragile, your bodily systems are under more strain, it is harder to lose fat and easier to store it – and all of this will cause the ongoing deterioration of your quality of life.

However, you have the power to slow the hands of time by making a healthy active lifestyle a part of your day to day life. I have said it before and I will say it again and again and again – looking after your fitness & health is basic hygiene and as essential as brushing your teeth and wiping your ass, believe me you would not want the consequences of not doing just those 2 things but the ramifications of you not making time to look after your body is even worse. Some of you look after your damn cars better than you look after yourself – and it shows.

Imagine having more energy, being pain-free to move, being able to do those activities you have always wanted to do, having expanded communities of like minded people who share an interest in those activities, and imagine having a physically active life that keeps you in touch with the amazing body you have to keep it healthy while keeping you mentally present in that moment – giving you that “you” time you need, that meditative flow state that rejuvenates and brings peace of mind.

Now imagine if the majority of the people on the planet were like this:

Would it be a better place?

Would we have more energy and compassion to deal with the issues of the day?

Would we have more strength in mind, body, and spirit to do what needs to be done to make the world a better place?

Would we have the mental callouses and change in frame of reference to leave the low-hanging fruits of comfort alone in pursuit of a less convenient life that benefits the entire world?

Would you and the collective human race tolerate the utter bullshit that is perpetrated to our fellow human beings and the planet we live on in our name and our blind subservient acceptance to our irresponsible and negligent governments?

I don’t have all the answers but I believe that it starts with us all down at an individual level and spirals out from there. How we treat ourselves flows out to how we treat our friends and loved ones to how we treat the world as a whole, developing from an egocentric to socially-conscious to World-focused point of view. You are not powerless, you can be the change you want to see – you just have to decide.
Just remember, the clock is ticking.

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